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Lovers in Paradise

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2575 days ago

Lovers in Paradise


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feevangelisti 2314 days ago


luisgustavmotta 2314 days ago

Ua tá HeLLL?

OriginalDesign 2558 days ago


sxccaz 2559 days ago

see we dnt hav many men lyk dat in england

sandra101s 2563 days ago

you guys are o cute together!

argirl1164 2569 days ago


mitsukichan13 2572 days ago

Cute pic ! :D

Dawnyy05 2572 days ago

you're soo beautiful paris!!

karenfarias 2573 days ago

when you guys are coming to Brazil norwest? we have the most perfect pretty beaches in the world, and I could take you there! =D

britneyuniverse 2573 days ago

best couple ever

andreaevan 2573 days ago

how come there are never any people at the restaurant or where ever you are? Did you rent the whole place out?

charlotteby 2573 days ago

i preferered madden's quy

IMMYKAY61 2573 days ago

Honey, your sunglasses are way too big for your face. But the guy is hot

rosacakes 2573 days ago

is this that guy from the hills

derderr 2574 days ago

This is so cute!

warjustice 2574 days ago

You're the best! So I wish you and your man the best. I read a tweet that you guys are into Little Brittan. The character Vicky Pollard on the show rocks. You ought to get a guest appearance with her the next time they tape the show. The skit would be pri

kikadejuku 2574 days ago

doug get sunburn hihihi

aepfelchen 2574 days ago

wow paris, you love to take photos of you too! so cute!

lindamoes 2575 days ago

Really lovers in paradise, yes!! ;-)

MMadisonMorgan 2575 days ago

geez model