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#medmystery  this is a ct scan of the brain. any idea what happened?

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1988 days ago

#medmystery this is a ct scan of the brain. any idea what happened?


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sdietrich17 1988 days ago

Hemorrhagic stroke

nancyjkl 1988 days ago

hemorrhagic stroke

AnthnewmanS 1988 days ago

Hemorrhagic right frontal and middle cerebral infarction with subfalcine herniation.

gelberb 1988 days ago

Hypertensive intracerebral hemorrhage with extension into posterior horn of lateral ventricle.

kurianabe 1988 days ago

MCA aneurysm

IMRAN_ALAM_MD 1988 days ago

Intraventricular/Thalamic hemorrhage most likely ruptured aneurysm, single cut hard to see the nidus !

charlieblack675 1988 days ago

Liquefactive necrosis?

nowedpatwary09 1988 days ago

Not really sure, but I'm just gonna guess meningioma. Looks fascinating though.

NatalieGWasser 1988 days ago

It looks like a intraventricular or intracerebral hemorrage due to skull fracture on the left, putting pressure on the brain (which is causing a subdural hematoma?)? My med student husband, who hasn't had a chance to see too many CT scans yet thinks this

zaghalarwa 1988 days ago

Intracerebral hemorrhage with midline shift , ruptured MCA aneurysm.

0rthodoc 1988 days ago

Hey this looks like a rat superimposed on the CT film:-)! But do they shift brain matter aside?

Maine_Val_Erika 1988 days ago

Intracerebellar hematoma/hemorrage?!? Caused by head trauma (accident, sports, bullet wound etc)?!?

Pettyharbour 1988 days ago

Not a doctor or medical person, but it looks like shaken baby syndrome with brain bleed.

emshusty 1988 days ago

MCA aneurysm, intraparenchymal hemorrhage. No mass effect is a bit strange though.

razeeva 1988 days ago

fracture of skull with intraparenchymal hemorrhage

Samansiz 1988 days ago

ruptured aneurysm of the middle cerebral artery?

anderBanter 1988 days ago

concussion? looks like meninges are torn from the front of the skull

hiskueengucci 1988 days ago

what brain region is it in?

AishaS08 1988 days ago

an aneurysm?

alishasial 1988 days ago

its a tumor..