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Mum, Model, Actress, Bikini Designer, Organic Farmer.

Me with my beautiful models!

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2100 days ago

Me with my beautiful models!


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atdiana77 2012 days ago

Power Puff Girls -Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles

atdiana77 2012 days ago

Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles. Each of the girls has a color; Bubbles is blue, Buttercup is green and Blossom is pink.

TVteaser 2073 days ago

Elizabeth, I love your signature white jeans and pop-color tops. Your branding is tops and the suits are chic!

GeorgeLuvsKylie 2078 days ago

These young ladies need to put some clothes on, they'll catch their death out there! :) x

irresistibleOne 2081 days ago

you are the beautiful with two normal models

gustavodv 2085 days ago

ooh que estas vieja! :o

viraj988 2092 days ago

hope warnee turn down some of these offers

Mayurprop 2093 days ago

Elizabeth , You look awesome as always!

atdiana77 2099 days ago

Ur. Models are taller, but Ur Hair,Body&Face is Better.

NikYrbgn 2099 days ago

Elizabeth, you are beautiful as always!

andrewjbrooks1 2100 days ago

(:- 0] Indeed; Ding Dong! x 3

danmcknight 2100 days ago

Congratulations on opening your new store !

ToobaZafer 2100 days ago

Queen & Queen's women.

ECMaastricht 2100 days ago

i saw u today in Maasmechelen village and bought slippers. I got your signature that's cool. Thanks!

SirDaniel15 2100 days ago

Anyone single?

jeetugiani 2100 days ago

thanx !!

gamergu 2100 days ago

you look amazing

claudeMyjournal 2100 days ago

You are aIways gIamourous, The brown is ok, (naturaI, smiIes, kind, Iook the camera) but I find the bIond not too kind in pic' she seems to be there onIy for the money I hope you're pIeased of her.

LobsterJustin 2100 days ago


robbie71 2100 days ago

you look amazing