Al Yankovic


You know... the Eat It guy.

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1961 days ago


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ludovicah 1919 days ago

The new song and video are really wonderful Al! :)

ludovicah 1929 days ago

Just heard Amazon's sample of the upcoming release:D I was right. This picture WAS a CLUE!!!

dosboys 1938 days ago

Is Al doing some Doors music?? Too good to be true!

CrybKeeper 1952 days ago

If there is one thing Carpentry school has taught me; A well maintained Door, will hold up forever Al.

Artista_Hop 1953 days ago

Follow me plz !

o2bpc 1958 days ago

Good one! You are so lucky!

allthemadm3n 1959 days ago

Good Ol' Ray Manzarek

blue4butterfly 1959 days ago

Love the shirt!

windlt 1960 days ago

Hey Al I don't know what door that is but I know where the studio is. It still looks the same with all the redwood.

_writersblock_ 1960 days ago

HAHAHA...took me a minute.... leaning against a door....lmao you're too much...

haznojob 1960 days ago

Cooool!!!!But I cant guess Which one.

chickbouffard 1960 days ago


jackferry 1961 days ago

Does this mean the new CD will have a Doors parody??

gilbo66 1961 days ago

Yamaha NS-10's.....Nice!!! I play guitar, Bass and Drums....And Im perty damn funny too. I work for food!!!

bluedemon25 1961 days ago

very cool! two awesome musicians.

AlanKeno 1961 days ago

How long until you fly with an Eagle, pick up Styx, or salute a Commodore?

warussak 1961 days ago

Al, ask Ray if he still has the little store and house on Rosecrans that his mom had in the 60's and what happened to Dave who I grew up with?

klandersen 1961 days ago

First a head (talking heads) then a Door... Hmmm DoorHeads Day? Seriously looks like Al has spent the day Schmoozin with some potential guest musicians for the latest Album.

Cassie2U 1961 days ago

Why aren't you Leaning On A Lamp Post? Hopefully that Door doesn't swing both ways! LOL (Kidding) Have you leaned on a Hermit yet?

orionjwh 1961 days ago

I think if you cut your hair just right you would defiantly look like the Sham Wow guy!