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will eventually grow up and get a real job. Until then, will keep making things up and writing them down.

It's 5.20 am. Do you know where your wife is? #patriotsday

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1991 days ago

It's 5.20 am. Do you know where your wife is? #patriotsday


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NicoleBorheier 1987 days ago

This woman is too awesome to be real. Admit it, you invented her :)

mrwednesday7 1987 days ago

Very sans culotte.

AmyK0_o 1991 days ago

What I imagine an anti-establishment, 18th century punk cabaret woman would look like.

bruhinb 1991 days ago

Even with your professionally seasoned imagination, could you have foreseen this moment?

dryfoo 1991 days ago

Ukee Doodle goes to town.

m0onb4by 1991 days ago

French revolution, british revolution. Like there was any "American" back then really besides sentiment.

roudnev 1991 days ago

Seven persons on a chest of the dead person, jo-ho-ho, and a rum bottle...

Tomate_Ninja 1991 days ago

Gavroche \o/

raliel 1991 days ago

indeed awesome....not that I have a bias for 18th century fashion

KaH_was_taken 1991 days ago

that is the teeny bed and i think i see a mouth guard. what a strange room

FluoroNinja 1991 days ago

The uke that was heard across the world.

raliel 1991 days ago

somehow looks more french revolutionary than american