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Mmmm... Italian desserts

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1927 days ago

Mmmm... Italian desserts


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antoniougarte 1924 days ago

now im hungry

antoniougarte 1924 days ago

they look so freaking good

LukeInspiration 1926 days ago

Hmm.. They look yummie :3

16_Michaela_16 1927 days ago

* kind :D sry for mistake

16_Michaela_16 1927 days ago

Lol this made me hungry :D it looks delicious. btw what king of desserts do you like? i love tiramisu :)

manny_miles 1927 days ago

Have a fantastic Sunday in Southern Italy, Rose. has never been there, and she's Italian.

CharmedOneof2 1927 days ago

OMG! are you trying to give me a heartattack? Those look oh so :-p

Friday94 1927 days ago

Mmm those look yummy...

Jankuzz 1927 days ago

mmmm... buoni *.* Are you in Sicily?

baptistepiriou 1927 days ago

Hmmmmm :p

SurrealTaki 1927 days ago

don't eat too much ;)

Am_Barbara 1927 days ago

I'm Italian and I can say that they are delicious...<3 ! ;) really!

dncatman 1927 days ago

I have to agree with Hellycherry -- that was my first thought, too!

marsjupiter30 1927 days ago

so yummy)

orangestreak 1927 days ago

Pass the cannoli!

AnnaAdoresMARS 1927 days ago

their color looks suspicious

Hellycherry 1927 days ago

They look like cold breasts!

BiebersMuffins 1927 days ago

Enjoy your meal!