Rory Mcilroy


I hit a little white ball around a field sometimes!

Apparently I was spotted house hunting last week..... LOL!!!

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1504 days ago

Apparently I was spotted house hunting last week..... LOL!!!


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ChristianRhein1 1496 days ago

great humor,....really, the best mindset to become the masters winner 2012!!!

pol777pol 1498 days ago

Jeez Rory great to see ye have a sense of humor!

cairbnamara 1500 days ago

tried to find the same spot on tiger woods 2012....its only like 140 from the tee...must have taken a serious whack back off the trees...tough break man

newdivide23 1501 days ago

Well at least it wasn't as bad as Kevin Na's 16 :)

theJBs 1502 days ago

hahahaha, good man Rory! No one does self-deprecation better than us N.Irish:)

denzema 1502 days ago

haha brilliant by the time your career is over you'll have more green jackets than you had shots on that hole

csnoddy9 1502 days ago

Haha.. Good man Rory!! Quality player!

karenkavanagh20 1502 days ago

haha great sense of humour lol funny

SeanieMoran 1502 days ago

Rory, could ya not try aim towards the camera, there's loads of space, could fit an airplane thru that gap...!!!

Katielister9 1502 days ago

Ha Ha the commentator said 'we've never seen anybody there before' !!!

colum2009 1502 days ago

lol.. Maybe a mobile would suite your game best!!

SusanMcLaury 1502 days ago

Great photo and I love your sense of humor. You'll have lots of Green Jackets in your closet before your golf career is over. No rush. Experience at Augusta always helps. Now you know where not to hit it on that hole !!!

IrishPlatt 1503 days ago

I bet you couldn't do that again if you tried!! True sportsman last week, your time will come v soon. Enjoy the trip home, bring on the pastie supper!

Aboona09 1503 days ago

He's on his final hole he's about 455 yards away, he's gonna hit about a 2 iron I think.~caddyshack

chuck_hilliard 1503 days ago

nice neighborhood... you'll be back, but not in the yard next time!

beebee880 1503 days ago


lyzzdyzz 1503 days ago

Your sense of humor is just awesome! Don't worry, someday you'll get your major. :)

Miketheredfan 1503 days ago

Delighted with the way you reacted after in your first on the spot interview .well done

niallhenry06489 1503 days ago

This week to ha! Only messin!

brian_guy 1503 days ago

yeah, that's where I usually hit it too... #fore