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Hmmm apparently this got squished. Let's try again. HOPPY EASTERRR!

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1928 days ago

Hmmm apparently this got squished. Let's try again. HOPPY EASTERRR!


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GTR_Line 1845 days ago look at that too

IlyaDynnikov 1850 days ago


MikeKorabik 1921 days ago

He looks a lot like Jeff Dunham...

sandman420 1928 days ago

It's good to see Jazz Jackrabbit is still getting work!

digitalreaction 1928 days ago

You two are the king and queen of self deprecation, that's an awesome trait... Happy Easter!

BTNH108464 1928 days ago

lol your a funny dude Cliffy. You are my idol, i will love to one day work for epic.

GearsViceKing 1928 days ago

are you serious people don't bitch about not getting a beta code on cliffy b's easter photo. Hoppy Easter to you and everyone at Epic!

xXOH_MY_WERDXx 1928 days ago

Nice, Dude, I have a similar shirt!

ShinraTensei 1928 days ago

Cliff you should Kameo yourself into gears 3 with that jacket on XD

JaredBot 1928 days ago

Dude I've been following you for a long time and still no #gears3beta, ppl getting just made their twitters yesterday /:

AshandRuin 1928 days ago

Rofl Nice ears

Olleh_TaeYeon 1928 days ago

WOW 부럽다

Kazeshini616 1928 days ago

furries huh?

KeyBear 1928 days ago

Cool pic! Much better this time. Happy Easter to you guys as well. :)

MrSilent42o 1928 days ago

nice happy easter

Bryan_s16 1928 days ago

what if there is a locust hiding under that bunny costume?

jlil2177 1928 days ago


mnmtwinz 1928 days ago

HAPPY EASTER! #Gears3Beta is EPIC! Full of WIN!