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Robot builder, modelmaker and television host on Mythbusters.

This is why I look shorter in person. #RoboGames

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1601 days ago

This is why I look shorter in person. #RoboGames


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BobboDaGreen 1599 days ago

And here I was thinking you made some sort of robot to make you taller.

MarianoBryant 1600 days ago


crossdck 1600 days ago

ya know how small dogs are always the noisiest? The parallels can't be coincidental. =)

Twobit333 1600 days ago

Well you know what they say about short guys, they have HUGE personalities!

alyjohnsonb 1600 days ago

Shorter guys have their pros.Think "portable/space saving/easier to cuddle w/ on couch"

pinglebon 1601 days ago

It always seems that shorter people are always the most interesting people

EmaSuvajacPhoto 1601 days ago

HAHA That's hilarious!!! You must be like...3 feet tall?

karsegri 1601 days ago

I have the same problem! LOL! :-)

FreezeFrameFox 1601 days ago

Is that a 1x1 Light Panels Light in the background?

acefox01 1601 days ago

Ah- I can relate!

Kay_YZhang 1601 days ago

,,,,,,nooooooooo,it`s just one big camera you`ve got there!!!

shinciv 1601 days ago


Pinary 1601 days ago

And people think that special effects are all explosions and lasers.

CaptainOuchie 1601 days ago

but i bet you've got huge leg muscles walking around in those giant container-sized boots!

arx1104 1601 days ago

Heck! I'd give up 20cm of my height if I can build a robot like you.

ss20ts 1601 days ago

Those are some big shoes you're wearing! Must be hard to drive wearing them.

ChrisSorrentine 1601 days ago

I know how u feelĀ² LOL

LegendaryBandit 1601 days ago

Baa Hahahahahaha

AnnieBeck20 1601 days ago

Awesome! I'm 26 years old and 4'7"... I know how you feel :)

trvllngjwllr 1601 days ago

This reminds me of Gilliant Anderson's "X-Files" days, don't worry Grant, it's OK to be short