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Tongue of the Ocean - Bahamas

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2015 days ago

Tongue of the Ocean - Bahamas


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Kickalien 2014 days ago


sandarwai 2014 days ago

Que bello el planeta azul.

SophalMiracle 2014 days ago

Wow!If sound o/t Ocean doesn't waking U up, sure this image #FromSpace i/going 2 MAKE U 2touch t/Ocean water! #NASA #fb

BigSteppinGal 2014 days ago


annisazuyyina 2014 days ago

OMG !! nice picture :D

cber_peace 2015 days ago

OMG!!! this is totally awesome. Thanks for sharing

HumlJ 2015 days ago

It doesn't even look real.

_jkl_jkl 2015 days ago

Amazing photo! Just amazing!

_jkl_jkl 2015 days ago

You are too smart! :)

PC0101 2015 days ago

It was my pleasure. I also like this kind of geography.

pamkstewart 2015 days ago

Thanks for the info, makes it even more interesting! That is just stupendously beautiful! And thanks for posting such an intriguing shot.

RachelTBue 2015 days ago

The Creator is truly an artist. Praise the Lord!!

twake 2015 days ago

Thank u!!!! Earth Is Amazing!!!

PC0101 2015 days ago

The dark blue section (bottom right) is part of that trench off Andros Island and has the shape of a tongue.

fligglegiggle 2015 days ago

oh wow, it's amazing how crystal clear it is.

Karjens40 2015 days ago

If EVERYONE could see Earth's beauty like this, perhaps we wouldn't be hell bent on destroying it

PC0101 2015 days ago

These structures are explained here: The Tongue is a deep trench there at the edges of which there are these sculptures.

m3xyp 2015 days ago

Like it Nicole keep them coming.

pamkstewart 2015 days ago

Are we looking at underwater sand formations? Why is it called the Tongue of the Ocean?

Dancito13 2015 days ago

Excelent :)