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Met 1D..04/oct/11 ❤ ..loυιѕ, lιαм && zαyɴ нυɢɢed мe *-* 01/feb/12 Daddy Tommo followed @tavtommo...ɴever ѕαy ɴever rιɢнt? ;) // Belieber, Directoner && Smiler♥


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angiiboyce 1627 days ago

I hugged rebecca b because justin told to me :P

OhMyZayn__x 1627 days ago

i kissed Nick J. cause i lost a bet :P

GomezTriplets 1641 days ago

I hugged Ariana Grande and i cried.

BaddassBiebz 1641 days ago

i fall in love with usher because justin told me to

momileysfan 1684 days ago

I killed Jazmyn because Justin told me to

iBelieBnMB 1697 days ago

i killed Miley cause i lost a bet

BieberFaannn 1697 days ago

i hang out with Bruno Mars because i lost a bet. :)

AzraaBieber 1719 days ago

I travelled with Bruno Mars and I hate it

_IntoTheAbyss 1719 days ago

I hugged Caitlin B and it was awesome :D

SkyScraperDemiX 1724 days ago

I hugged Jazmyn because i love her. AWE! :"D

ItsGoBieber 1725 days ago

I danced with Greyson C. because Justin told me to

SupremeKidrauhl 1726 days ago

I married Christian B and i loved it(OMG I'VE NEVER HAD A MATCH LIKE THAT :D

UKbiebettes 1726 days ago

i hugged Vanessa Hudgens and i loved it :)

OhLiamPayne 1726 days ago

I danced with Jazmyn because I love her.

iBieberMahomie 1726 days ago

I traveled with Ariana G. and I cried. ℓмασ

jbalbiter 1726 days ago

I traveled with Kenny H. because Justin told me to(:

MahoganyJen 1726 days ago

i danced with miley cause i do it everyday.. hahah

Bieber_Village 1726 days ago

I travelled with Ryan B. Chaz Somers and it was awesome :')

ItsDougieMaster 1726 days ago

I made friends with Nick jonas, and i loved it))) nice))

1DCelineBieber 1726 days ago

I kissed Demi Cause I do it everday :D:D:D:D