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Oh hell no! Its an ad at my gym. Wtf?!

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2578 days ago

Oh hell no! Its an ad at my gym. Wtf?!


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JKjuicy7 2571 days ago

Those are protein/health bars. Besides the offensive name, they are actually really good!

Theremina 2576 days ago

What the fuck is that shit?!

bluesuperheroes 2576 days ago

You should say, GIRL. WHAT BE DIS? Omg does Selene own a shank?

audym 2577 days ago

its like mind control for midgets ....seee subliminal messages dont discriminate anyone now!!!!

imongi 2577 days ago

o_O Watchout! It's for people who want to control midgets! I guess Peanut Butter is their weakness...

Albeee 2577 days ago


jenniferparties 2578 days ago

*ponders* are you more upset about the name of this food product OR the fact that they are advertising a food product at your gym, where you are going to "work out" and try to STOP thinking about food...products! *hahaha*

jeannicole 2578 days ago

Now that's just cruel... You should complain.

mizzkitteh 2578 days ago

probably from some foreign country -- literal translation of "mini" bar?? i suspect china. LOL

genxeratl 2578 days ago

That is so not right. BTW - what IS that you're wearing to the gym?

flakingnapstich 2578 days ago

So, did you try one?

thilleboy 2578 days ago

all I can see your cleavage!!

jessicalexandra 2578 days ago

lol I can see your reflection :)

yellowstark 2578 days ago


joeshere 2578 days ago

Good morning Ms.Cho. I'm still waiting for extras casting to call Worked on DDD twice without seeing you....bummer.

susiecolfer 2578 days ago

Sounds like blasphemy against the Reeses Cup. *makes the sign of the cross*

stewieD2xlc 2578 days ago


firearnok 2578 days ago

x'D that's amazing!