Boris Johnson


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annahargreaves 2311 days ago


Bluee65 2361 days ago

But they have combed the hair on your twin Boris! Looks fab anyway xx

Literary_Ditch 2369 days ago

"Can you see the real me, doctor?"

JULIANBRAY 2369 days ago

Buggered, if I know...

rufergu 2393 days ago

i though one boris was bad enough but two this is madness!

Andy_Larter 2395 days ago

I wonder which one makes the most sense.

eraburge 2397 days ago

Putin is giving you evils in the background Boris!!

Jafo2604 2397 days ago

Boris, Join Weight Watches, I did and I've gone from 21 stone to 18.5 in 5 weeks. Thats without doing too much exercise.

frogget66 2397 days ago

why make two dummies? could nor resist that. l am sure you are a nice guy!

AndreaMUK 2397 days ago

Can't bear it when men don't wear belts!!!!!

Mattyg63 2398 days ago

Very impresive, nopt sure which is sthe real one. Does it matter?

seabisquick 2398 days ago

Exceptionally well done. But as Marvin and Tammi once sang, ain't nothing like the real thing ...

Luke_ss 2398 days ago

The invasion has begun!

judiiii 2398 days ago

OMG two lots of gorgeousness.....x..Gutted you can't make it to Milestones fete.........................

Ruttledge 2398 days ago

Granny Butter would be so proud !

mariamn 2398 days ago

love the fact that the tie is slightly squiffy! bless

rubymcred 2398 days ago

Yicks, there's two! How cool.

alaricthegoth 2398 days ago


bangdrum 2398 days ago

Love it!

lemon_jelly 2398 days ago

i should imagin it's taller cuz it's on a stand .. but it seems to have more of a girth but altogether it's a brilliant likeness