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The 4th child of the music dynasty; the Jackson Family. Singer, bassist, composer, philanthropist, father & husband. I love reaching people through my music.

Standing tall at @LondonBookFair this week: showcasing the UK cover #youarenotalone

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2019 days ago

Standing tall at this week: showcasing the UK cover #youarenotalone


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SnJP 1860 days ago


irise888 1952 days ago


lah04 1991 days ago

oh please .......

_LaDona 1991 days ago

& it's not like Jermaine has HIS FACE on the, I like the US better, but still : )

_LaDona 1991 days ago

I don't see what the big deal is. The eyes are the windows to the can see Michael's Eyes

OMGitsMerita 1991 days ago

Oh, J. I don't like this cover.. why block his beautiful face? I prefer the US cover. *Merita shrug*

VioletSky_ 1991 days ago

Why is Michael covered?!!

IncFilmix 1991 days ago

You covered MJs face? You put your name in full? Making money off the back of MJ AGAIN? smh

LuvMJApplehead 1997 days ago

why cant you do something off your own back??? why are you making money off the death of your brother!?? his murderer is still at large while you mess about making money off his name to profit yourself! i wont be buying this book, not because you wrote it

gmanthelover 2000 days ago

Nice cover

laverite7 2011 days ago

très belle afiche mj delilah

NANOU95100 2019 days ago

We love you Jermaine, we are waiting for your book in FRANCE

queenie456 2019 days ago

ordered the book,cant wait!!nice cover

clearmjsname 2019 days ago

looking good

LoryDellaR 2019 days ago

great job JJ i'm proud of you ...i can find it in italy??? please let me know ...

ramiromendes 2019 days ago

VERY NICE and WELL DESERVED. It lays in yours and your family's shoulders to set the record straight once for all (:

Carolzenhaa 2019 days ago

Wow great job Jermaine, Congrats. I can't wait to read your book!

Mariessa_MJ 2019 days ago

It's beautiful!

deliciousdee45 2019 days ago

And the cover of the book wow jerm love it you did a wonderful job on the cover of the book

deliciousdee45 2019 days ago

I can't wait for the book to come out because I know you work so hard on this book I can't wait to read the book there going to a lot of people reading the book