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AJ McLean from the Backstreet Boys

Sorry y'all. I did a bad thing. This is me in county

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2138 days ago

Sorry y'all. I did a bad thing. This is me in county


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sexycricket 2112 days ago

ppl like u or they dont ur u today & u r u tommrow hun so keep rockin great perfomances, follow me!!

sexycricket 2112 days ago

You r amazing at ur job im a long time fan since i was 13yo dont ever change u r who u r. wheather

sexycricket 2112 days ago

Well yes he smokes but its way better then doing drugs!!! cancer people get cancer and sum dont smoke

KjerstiTL 2129 days ago

Love the pic! Badass ;)

Psst.. Hey fans, please stop nagging about the smoking.

ItalianReina 2132 days ago

Bad thing? Its good being BAD especially when you are SO GOOD at it. ♥♥♥

loucadavassoura 2137 days ago

The only bad thing u could've done is not being on my bed!

meelziitah 2137 days ago


mit_ph 2137 days ago

OMG stop smoking!! Smoking causes cancer

ImDaniellaMath 2137 days ago

You're so fuckin' cute! I love u so much! xoxo :)

Biakarterr 2138 days ago

And he answers my scraps please

Biakarterr 2138 days ago

Stop Smoking for the love that you have the fans

Biakarterr 2138 days ago

Our this with a guy who did something wrong even.lol

howmanymanu 2138 days ago

Cool pic :) It would be still cool without the cigarette ;) Love you AJ!

paradiseecho 2138 days ago

in time he just went thought a lot give him a break you look good and heathy keep up the good work !!!

skulleezarmy 2138 days ago

i fuckinnnnnnnnnnnnnnng love you!! REALLY

Gabby_Lardo 2138 days ago

cute! but stop smoking pleaseeeee :(

anderboing 2138 days ago

Aj stop of smoking now...you is fuck!

maqaaj 2138 days ago

do you know that smoking is not good for you ? :C i don't want anything happen to you . God Bless you

AJMclean_Panama 2138 days ago

but stop smoking! you can do it :) Baby I love you Today is you day!!!AJMCLEAN

Siberia81 2138 days ago