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These two aren’t going to let stereotypes get the best of them.

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1903 days ago

These two aren’t going to let stereotypes get the best of them.


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spaziwan 1874 days ago


TheBitterLady 1896 days ago

And yooouuur getttiinngg sslleeppyy.

jbieberrfanssss 1898 days ago

that . is . adorable .

SwiftLikeAlice 1898 days ago

That is the best thing ever

Friday94 1898 days ago

Naww! <3

DuchessofBruce 1899 days ago

Maybe it's an undercover gig, and then the cat kills the rat. That rat needs to be maced.

Beneficus_Lamia 1899 days ago

Hey thylizard..what language is that?

xamixoxexi 1899 days ago

.even its white.rat is still hideous

thylizard 1899 days ago

dat iz so coot! mi as a lizard reeli lyks dat cuz i felt da saym wai bout a bird i new...

elinor_lngnmn 1899 days ago

OMG! i cant take this! :D

xoxoRebeccaaa 1899 days ago

That... Is One, Freakinn Big Rat.

boyflatt 1900 days ago

Стыковочный узел носовых чакр.
Некоторые народности имеют привычку так здороваться

KermzzJackson 1900 days ago

WHOA!!!!!!! the title suits the pic well....LOLZZZ That can't be!!!

gabicapelas 1900 days ago

awn, que gracinha gente

MelisaLeons 1901 days ago

OMG ! the cat is beautiful but the rat is disgusting |:

Lambertfan1977 1901 days ago

OMG! Cool but WOW thats a HUGE rat!!!!

xbriannagarcia 1901 days ago

OMG OMG I can't believe it!!! So cooooool! I mean, before this I thought that is not possible! They're so cute xoxo

rachelannebryan 1901 days ago

awww <3 =)

crysci 1901 days ago

My ex-boyfriend has that same Albino rat, I'm a little furious you put this Picture up!

Witchsteve 1901 days ago

That is too precious!! My tarantuala and cat snuggle together so this picture is not weird..