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My 1st @Twitpic #FromSpace. Anyone know where in the world this is?

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1097 days ago

My 1st #FromSpace. Anyone know where in the world this is?


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Ammidon 608 days ago

Yep, I know but only because you just told on G+ ;) NZ!! Gorgeous pic!

surreallyno 739 days ago


ko2ri 741 days ago

Amazing! The silhouette of this land looks like "1"! ;-)) Congrats!!

a_cup_of_sea 742 days ago

WOW! Congrats on "1 year"!!! :-)

Gordynor 919 days ago

Northern New Zealand. Gorgeous!

Chielie 926 days ago

This is New Zealand's Hawke's Bay in golden sunlight. I once walked there. Oh, the longing to return.

iMure 975 days ago

Brooklyn, NY? :)

dragonsinger57 1058 days ago

It's the North Island, NZ - if I squint I can see the town where I was born!

CyrusDutch 1073 days ago

OHMYGOSH. this looks soooo beautiful. I can't believe it's real. woow.

altgaby 1074 days ago


vivienrr 1082 days ago


bcmkitchens 1089 days ago

What more does anybody need to know about the Lord?

Getirana 1089 days ago


chrazeldice 1089 days ago

I have no idea where this is, but man, it's amazing..

Griffin9857 1091 days ago

easy, its the east coast of the north island of new zealand.

EmilySenter23 1092 days ago

That is unbelievable!!! Makes me get even more into my astronomy class!!!

LucyWestStudios 1093 days ago

It's in a world called "Beauiful".

dinabr 1093 days ago

Don't know. But ... WOW

inmadom 1093 days ago

It's sooooo beautiful! Never mind where it is!

twijn01 1093 days ago

Rotterdam Zevenkamp