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Help! I've fallen into an Alko-hole

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1691 days ago

Help! I've fallen into an Alko-hole


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barthburkievitz 1686 days ago

it's very funny :)

Paula_Perry 1690 days ago

Don't worry - this alko-hole isn't deep! Do you enjoy time in Poland?

LuuHalliwell 1691 days ago

xD lol

davidrstrong 1691 days ago

I hope no one lights a match and makes it go, "Boom!"

Fiekchen 1691 days ago

Well, this hole is very deep, so be careful :) btw, do u like Krakow?

IMAnies 1691 days ago

Alkohole, alkohol. It's already the same like alcohol. ;D Do you know some Polish words? ;)

IMAnies 1691 days ago

Beer "Lech" rulez! ;D I'm just kidding. ;D Why are you here? xoxo.

sergeifevraljov 1691 days ago


Joanne_La 1691 days ago

hahahahahahh :D be careful, cause you might not get out of this hole :D:D:D

_RoseRocks 1691 days ago


Friday94 1691 days ago


Donnap1969 1691 days ago

That is just too funny LOL

BattySpears 1691 days ago

Lol =) Alko -hole

Maryline__BSB 1691 days ago

LOL I love it

Lamar_Carpenter 1691 days ago