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What are you, blinds?

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1902 days ago

What are you, blinds?


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mconnelly20 1894 days ago

hahaha! My cousin's cat loves to do this too! The cat has almost choked herself though :(

EheMJCD95 1896 days ago


funkymelons 1897 days ago

"The dog's a'comin! now's my time 2 escape!"

isabelladavid 1897 days ago


MelisaLeons 1898 days ago

Hahaha <3

TNT31 1901 days ago

I'm afraid some kitty may be in trouble!

quelsweety 1901 days ago

very funny! hahah!

b_strong88 1901 days ago

That's so funni!! LoL

caglayanirem 1901 days ago

ha ha it's really funny

roco_twi 1901 days ago

Please clean my blinds too! hahaha

TeriWanderi 1902 days ago

LOOOOL & i take it the video version will give the little fella his 15 seconds of YouTube Fame

KermzzJackson 1902 days ago

this cat is very acrobatic............lmao!!!!!

southerncattie 1902 days ago

This is too much I need my valium

southerncattie 1902 days ago

"Let me out ,Let me out! My cat door go locked by mistake.This is my terriitory and that's my mouse you're chasing!

laura_gally14 1902 days ago

haha my kitty does this too! She's just a baby though, she likes to see outside :)

haakonspeaker 1902 days ago

Let me out of here, they are stuck in the 60's with this decore.

Savannah1009 1902 days ago

i think that cat needs serious counciling!!!! lol lol lol

tonyamisterymai 1902 days ago

I don't care! I will tear up the whole works!!! Let me outta here!!!

hana194114 1902 days ago

The cat might have wanted to see the higher outside. However, for the person..... (>o<;)