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These kittens are clean.

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1543 days ago

These kittens are clean.


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ShY_Caamille 1532 days ago

Hooow' ♥

iBieberGrace 1536 days ago

i want those kitten :( there are adorable

FannyMiiranda 1536 days ago

Aww adorable!

bmtye 1539 days ago

taste like chicken

MelisaLeons 1539 days ago

OWWW ! It is the most beautiful I've seen :')

elinor_lngnmn 1539 days ago

he is so sweet! hehe

boricuagirl08 1541 days ago

So cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TNT31 1541 days ago

That's sooo cute!

selbenzo 1542 days ago

Awwhh ♡

AlisonHowton 1542 days ago

I had a kitty that didn't have a mommy, but a doggy that licked kitty's booty to help it potty.

mswaichingliu81 1542 days ago

kittens? they look like puppies

brilliantron 1542 days ago

First, THOSE DO NOT LOOK LIKE KITTENS. Second, it appears she's actually licking her paw.

skycherry 1542 days ago

Awwww, tongue bath!!! Yay!! :) xx

adam_moneymaker 1542 days ago

haha))) nice))) see my twitter

JaySharky 1542 days ago

Just trying to find out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a kitten. 3,651...3,652...

yssaestrada 1542 days ago

Wiiiii... It's so cute..:">

plrkid 1542 days ago

Awww! That is so cool!

burymeinurheart 1542 days ago

Sooooooooo sweet!Owwww

coegie 1542 days ago

Ow! That is soooooo cute!

kopekopucugu 1542 days ago

cute <3