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What evil person would leave this baby on the side of the road?!

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1995 days ago

What evil person would leave this baby on the side of the road?!


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cateracowboy 1949 days ago

absolutely adorable!!!sick and twisted poeple ,just amaze me....seriously why?!?!

ultimatejpf 1961 days ago

he's so pretty! new Pickler! lol

Kafjr1313 1973 days ago

Dose'nt look old enough for kibble yet. Got similac? CUTE as a little Pickler he he

_kirkir_ 1992 days ago

Omg that is so cute..poor baby..good thing u found him Kellie

xmomsenx 1993 days ago

omg, true that person have no brain or heart...cruel!! :(

OfficialCharly 1994 days ago

Awwww hes soooo cute :)

KleenexPanda13 1994 days ago

I want him! So adorable :') <3

beatesoltveit 1994 days ago

someone with no brain and no heart. What a adoreble creature naw... :-)

katesusanne 1994 days ago

PS you should have a shelter. A real nice warm cozy one. And save all the strays you can find!! If i won the lottery that's what I'd do!!!

katesusanne 1994 days ago

You are an absolute blessing. I am SO happy there are people like you in the world, and it makes me feel better about the human race. I always pray for abused/neglected animals to be helped in some way. You may have been an answer to my prayer :)

h0nEybl00dbymE 1994 days ago

so cute,,do u plan to keep or adopt him??? :)

chicagochic93 1994 days ago

Awww he's so cute!:) poor little guy:(

WhySara 1994 days ago

I hate that person who did that! It's so cute! What did you name it?

janetmclark 1994 days ago

wow! who would ever to that to a puppy! thats cruel! so adorable though!

MrsKOhmacht 1994 days ago

He's so cute! Have you named him?

ninaapaninaa 1994 days ago

EVIL. So adorable! I know you will be a wonderful mommy to 'em if you keep him, and if not I know you'll try and find the most caring/lovable family to adopt 'em. (: ILOVEYOUKAYPEE. You the best. <3

RoDaMiss 1994 days ago

Omg Kellie, I am willing to come down there from Ohio to adopt this precious little baby! I cannot even imagine someone letting that poor little thing go like that!!!

ShellieCMCPromo 1994 days ago

People are cruel to abandon animals,that person should be locked up. Pickler, I would have done the same thing.Animals are precious creatures.

MeganCAL1 1994 days ago

someone really evil...

highdee123 1995 days ago

oh my goodness that is toooo precious !!!