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*Not* what you want to see on the fetal monitor when your wife begins to push.  Thanks, Microsoft.

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2139 days ago

*Not* what you want to see on the fetal monitor when your wife begins to push. Thanks, Microsoft.


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wisteela 2137 days ago

Rather worrying.

JohnMcL7 2137 days ago

It's not Microsoft's fault the hospital's IT department haven't configured the PC properly

pobice 2138 days ago

Hospitals IT departments are very much dictated to re OS used , not the other way round

pobice 2138 days ago

Unfortunately most medical equipment suppliers seem to use XP these days :(

lifenstein 2138 days ago

That's WinXP, a decade old OS. You shouldn't blame MS for the Hospital's IT department being cheap.

tjdavisbz 2138 days ago

- workstation probably isn't connected to the Internet. Dont have to be on the Internet to get updates.

teamsiems 2138 days ago

LoL! It's a metaphor: even before birth, Windows needs to update #fail

My2Rotties2010 2139 days ago

Lol! Omg that's funny.

redaabdi 2139 days ago


masaru_de_paris 2139 days ago

LOL! Never run medical programs on windows!

Kiwi_sparkle 2139 days ago

Uh... yeah... nah eh!

blinkingled 2139 days ago

Why on earth is any hospital machine connected to the Internet in first place? That's insane.

corkescrews 2139 days ago

hilarious. at least it wasn't a bsod. and congratulations!

gamergirl0990 2139 days ago

lulz @ some of the comments on this picture

iamPR4V33N 2139 days ago

On my wife's turn, I will check for the hospital not having Windows bt Linux now...
hahahha.. Windows sucks..

mainegirl5 2139 days ago

hahaha I think at this point the wife is pretty much clueless;-/

rkfatheree 2139 days ago

Would love to have seen the wife when husband paused to take a picture of the monitor

aitherobamwn 2139 days ago

"Action failed. You need admin rights to have a baby. Press any key to continue."

speelingmstake 2139 days ago

its a bad sign that i automatically tried to click 'restart later' on this picture.

Lizzie_Gal 2139 days ago