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Official account of the President of Red Sox Nation. Updates from Jerry and John from The Remy Report. Go Sox!

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1932 days ago


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KevinBoyleLV 1931 days ago

Pray to God but row to shore.

nicolelabonte 1932 days ago


joeleelawlz 1932 days ago

The Twins won the World Series after starting that season 2-9. Just saying.

hossdaboss74 1932 days ago

Omg that was my first thought when I heard tonight's game was postponed! Let's hope wrkn can sweep the BlueJays! 2 days to think about it guys let's get it together!

redsoxgirl4615 1932 days ago


KFierro1977 1932 days ago

God already loves all of us, just worry about playin' some BALL!!

ShadowCatamount 1932 days ago

I feel your pain.

joecib 1932 days ago

with his hat like that he reminds me of Vanilla Ice... and you can't win if you don't play either...

bosoxgirl3358 1932 days ago

Please make the last 11 games spring training games. Thanks, God.

itchin4fun 1932 days ago

For you to do this, I appreciate you so much, because you knew the stadium ran out of draft beer!

smittygurl17 1932 days ago

...Now I can get some work done.

Ammt22 1932 days ago

No way. I waited all winter for my boys and I want to watch! They will start winning soon!

SilentSteph 1932 days ago

I think you prayed for all of Red Sox Nation......

HeresANiche 1932 days ago

Oh my goodness, we got ourselves a natural disaster!

Axelfoley51416 1932 days ago

Dear God,I'm praying that the Red Sox GET THEIR HEADS OUT OF THERE ASSES and start ''winning''!!!!!!!!

toolman365 1932 days ago

Amen !

PatriciaGay 1932 days ago

That gives the guys all night to do a little indoor batting practice.

WhoJanis 1932 days ago

Please God Please Trade Dice-K!!!

laurakoepnick 1932 days ago

Keep praying, dude.

JCDemonReaper86 1932 days ago