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Wildlife at KSC - one of the big ones out for a stroll!

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1900 days ago

Wildlife at KSC - one of the big ones out for a stroll!


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PC0101 1899 days ago

Advertising campaign for a T-shirt lable? LOL

Kickalien 1899 days ago


N3SZD 1899 days ago

Looks like a pair of boots, and dinner... I luv animals, I couldnt do it... I got promoted to CIA!! Sorta.. Gianni

BarryQuinlan 1899 days ago

Is that the new KSC speed bump?

EireMegs35 1899 days ago

Beautiful! Go Alli!

godivako 1899 days ago


max4512 1899 days ago

So cool! All we get at JSC is bugs!!

nikastron 1900 days ago


CedricsMom 1900 days ago

YIKES! Need sign: Man-eating dinosaur crossing.

MoBea 1900 days ago


ryantourge 1900 days ago

They just roam around like that?!?!

Ian_McKillop 1900 days ago

Is that classed as a pedestrian crossing or a gator-aide ?

biazawa 1900 days ago

some kind of experiment?

_Rammer 1900 days ago

Did he look both ways before crossing?

BLKMGK 1900 days ago


Magica_D 1900 days ago

Cool! He crosses the road in a right place. :-)