Elijah Wood


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1449 days ago


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SAC529 1431 days ago

Yes. Very nice.

Perceivela 1446 days ago


LivelyMackinac 1448 days ago

You are excellent with PR and marketing. I hope your agent appreciates that!

9ladybugs 1448 days ago

I've got 4 letters for you. P.E.T.A. Heee!!

undomniel91 1448 days ago

poor Wilfred. Lost his nerve ha ha

weepaulie 1448 days ago

OMG you've killed Wilfred and hidden him in your car!!!

Tinkerbelle181 1448 days ago

You naughty tease you..

Patrick487 1449 days ago

That's Wilfred's head!

Artsygirl_79 1449 days ago

Wait! Don't throw that in the trash! I think I just heard it breathe!

gardgoldsmith 1449 days ago

It's totally a pic of Foz E Bear getting sick after a bender.

Olga0207 1449 days ago

This part of body Wilfred?

V_Viic 1449 days ago

Is that a coat? I can't find it's shape .-.

HeavenMars 1449 days ago

That's your car?