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Some tweeps are doubting that I picked peaches in France in my gap year, in 1978. Here's proof.

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1935 days ago

Some tweeps are doubting that I picked peaches in France in my gap year, in 1978. Here's proof.


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SayedYousif 1934 days ago

looks delicious fruit Nick

bopeepladrido 1935 days ago

Come to Guimaras in the Philippines and pick the sweetest mangoes!

celticadlx 1935 days ago

My husband picked too, in high school! Love France, glad I never had to pick the fruit though!

millefeuillejo 1935 days ago

Something I've rarely seen used in the US compared to France is the "cagette" holding all the peaches, so definitely France!

louiselupo 1935 days ago

Hey, Nick. I think you're fabulous. You do a great job every day for all of us - thank you. For all we know, though... this could be your backyard! Cheers!

Potemka 1935 days ago

We do have delicious peaches in France..but from what I understand we still live on dirt floors right ? Lovely picture and healthy occupation !

jtrane 1935 days ago

Bliss? Y'all don't realize how hard fruit-picking can be.

miketewing 1935 days ago

They probably think "picking peaches in France" is a euphemism like "hiking the Appalachian trail."

jjcrocket 1935 days ago

But is it France or Georgia USA???

DolefulLions 1935 days ago

Yes Nicholas you aren't wearing a beret or carrying a baguette so you are obviously lying. Oh brother

NotaBrit 1935 days ago

Looks an awful lot like an American peach orchard in 1978. Where's proof this is France?

geotenn 1935 days ago

The years roll by in a hurry - you were wise to make that choice.

jcberg 1935 days ago

Great pic, but you must have done more than that - peach season must be 4-6 wks, I'd guess.

VensureGlobal 1935 days ago

Oh!! Those kind of French Peaches!

ChrisDElder 1935 days ago

Look at that luscious mop of hair! There's no denying that's you!

bobbyndort 1935 days ago

You look so young and innocent, handsom too

SaraSand3 1935 days ago

Thats an interesting job! I'd like to try it!

MathsLover4Ever 1935 days ago

Nice =D

cephasharrison 1935 days ago

What Bliss, you must have had a great time!