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Drive cars at weekends, huge sports fan and loves the outdoors.

No chainsaws in china-yes they are driving like that

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1930 days ago

No chainsaws in china-yes they are driving like that


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ozylatindelight 1918 days ago

funny, i heard a chainsaw when i went camping on the weekend, just for a bit of wood! bit scary :0

coolJane99 1926 days ago

Mark your´s race today = excellent :) great!

KimDFerguson 1926 days ago

LOL... I know a few guys in Tassie just like these Blokes! :-)

tradingnothing 1926 days ago

looks like they don't just move house in China, they move tree too!

F1MadHatter 1927 days ago

gd pic!!!

F1isCool 1927 days ago

planes bikes and trees look out!

nickturon 1927 days ago

haha, brilliant find Webber.

zildogs 1927 days ago

Not many Aussies in here if they haven't understood what 4kawrf means...

Enginesman 1929 days ago

That'll be EJ thinking that someone asked for 'tree fellers'...

marinawings 1929 days ago

Trying to think of something clever to say about this pic, but I'm all out of clever. Great pic!

fluppynots 1929 days ago

Just make sure in china you 'leave" the rest behind!

saltshaker78 1929 days ago

Looks like schuey driving. He's use a tree as a dirty tactic!

denhill0909 1929 days ago

classic! reminds me of Bali! enjoy the few days before the race! have fun and see u on podium xx

jade_girling 1929 days ago

some people add stickers or "do" up their car with fancy china a tree will do :P

George_Soropos 1930 days ago

you should have offered them a job sweeping Pirelli marbles off the F1 circuit

Marina__o_O 1930 days ago

I love this beginning of the champioship: u share pics and comments with us...thnks!...speakng about China, the most beatiful places and people are out of big cities, in the country side...fantastic places....

vokstar 1930 days ago

Phew! Thank christ they are wearing hard hats and high visibility vests.

xyrael 1930 days ago

HAHAHA! innovative rear wing

txyelva 1930 days ago

My girlfriend and I will go to the circuit to cheer for you at the whole weekend! We really like you very much! You have many fans here! Good Luck, Mark! Win the game! And try to love the city!

txyelva 1930 days ago

As a Chinese fan of you, I feel very sorry about this. But you know, this should not be your only view of our country! We have lots of beautiful things here! Try to enjoy your weekend here! My girlfriend and I will go to the circuit to cheer for you at th