Jennette McCurdy


Sorry I'm so sarcastic. I feel really bad about it.

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luucasdecastro 1945 days ago

youu is beautiful ! I love you . Follow-me please !

MaddieBuzz101 2150 days ago

Nice pic

Elly_12 2236 days ago

you have beautiful finger nails! :D i ♥ U

LexiVincent 2266 days ago

hey ! that looks like the smiley face you drew on my autograph.. minus the nose :)

OHDARNT_T 2423 days ago


GaryHasGone 2424 days ago

lol in the Uk that has kind of a different meaning.....the opposite of peace in fact. But who cares lol still cute as a button.

Torik5 2442 days ago

Haha, that's cute. For a sec, I thought ur shirt said AC/DC, but then I didn't see the AC... :P

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chepe263 2504 days ago

u really like david cook uh? nice smile

sophiiecopz 2507 days ago

haha... u r awesome!

xHeadph0nes0nxx 2508 days ago

love the smiley on your hand! :) Cute shirt!

vertexgirl 2521 days ago

love the smiley but the nails are long!!!!!!

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Musical_Girl 2526 days ago

ooooo smilely palm kweeeel

tiffanysez 2538 days ago

i want that shirt! you're pretttyyy!

NataliaaBomfim 2539 days ago

DC. sweet

georgiabrewin 2549 days ago

its a dust bunny called bob. X

L33T_H4X0R 2553 days ago

its a bunny rabbit =3

Jennifer_JG 2553 days ago

lol it only means peace if it's the other way i think someone said in like australia and stuff its like flipping people off which i think is ridiculously close to have such opposite meanings...