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It’s hard to be a dinosaur.

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1689 days ago

It’s hard to be a dinosaur.


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jo_z 1640 days ago

your new autobiography?

echewski 1683 days ago

is that a good book? im thinking of buying one..

lformaggini 1686 days ago

sad but true

VeraMatta 1687 days ago

exactly how I feel today...

JaySharky 1687 days ago

Face on dinosaur = CLASSIC!

ARammybunny 1688 days ago

I read this... and it's so morbid xDDD

team__jackson 1688 days ago

lol now they are oil in the ground used to make toy dino's

pclal 1688 days ago

awww i just saw it in the bookstore in little tokyo.........

BethanneElion 1688 days ago

or a medium

biebermobile 1688 days ago

Poor dino.

TheBossNickJ 1688 days ago

not only dinosaurs...My Vampire is dead too

MadelineFan 1688 days ago

please don't make me kill you.

lolverr 1688 days ago

yah carna kamu besar

twiry 1688 days ago


morbidPaulVn 1689 days ago

You can read the whole thing here http://twitpic.com/37nbdd LOL ... poor dino: every1's dead

LaBouledogue 1689 days ago

such a sad book... but i won't spoil the ending for you.

zaheensarker 1689 days ago

I love this book.<3 Kinda sad though haha.

ShaneDawsonClan 1689 days ago


joryjohn 1689 days ago

We're so thrilled that you posted our book, Ellen. Here's more: http://nomorefriends.net/ Thanks!

Adriana_Parades 1689 days ago

kinda sad don't u think???....