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#medmystery  know what it is? extra point if you guess symptoms. answer:fri

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1996 days ago

#medmystery know what it is? extra point if you guess symptoms. answer:fri


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karishmabee 1994 days ago

Brain tumour.
loss of consciousness, loss of motor movement, loss of coordination,

Georgeyboy20 1994 days ago

Changes in mental activity
Loss of consciousness
Sluggish reflex
Ataxia (loss of coordinated movement)

djcsays 1995 days ago

Enlarged brain ventricles? Negative Symptoms?

hollyhotrunner 1995 days ago

Brain Tumor on the brain stem, Choroid Plexus Papilloma, I had this tumor removed 12 years ago.

helliax 1996 days ago

Holy crap, it's Mickey Mouse.

hpmmsudo 1996 days ago

i agree with choroid plexus papilloma. symptoms-headache, nausea, vomiting, headaches, seizures

aldwin_ong 1996 days ago

Choroid plexus papilloma? Headache, seizures, vomiting?

napernurse 1996 days ago

Normal pressure hydrocephalus-with gait disturbance, urinary incontinence & memory loss.

bradkras 1996 days ago

hydrocephalus ex vacuo??.. associated w/ some psychiatric disorders, maybe post TBI

mrsdecember 1996 days ago

Astrocytoma w/severe HA, dysfunction of L side of body, and balance disorder.

meredithni 1996 days ago

someone with 2 cerebellums?

JazzNAva 1996 days ago

Pituitary gland..cancer?Causes Acromegaly.Oversized hands,head and feet.

SelkieBlue 1996 days ago

Neuro MickeyMouseoma? IDK, it looks like there is a menengioma there but do they get that big?

Stillarose41 1996 days ago


Stillarose41 1996 days ago

Someone with ovaries and a penis.

schwartzbrown 1996 days ago

Dementia. Neurosyphillis

sherryhinman 1996 days ago


isudvm 1996 days ago

brain atrophy / senile dementia ?