Charlie Sheen


Actor, Producer, Winner ... Anger Management Premieres June 28th, 9pm on FX

2:30 am 
Dunkin' Donuts 
Nothing better..!! 
Debate me! 

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2019 days ago

2:30 am
Dunkin' Donuts
Nothing better..!!
Debate me!


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NicolasArths 1858 days ago

eat is good, we know, :s

rockinrachel921 1971 days ago

Starbucks BETTER than the Best! Dare ya! xxoo

ebzooney 1975 days ago

u look off ur chops !!! dont worry i'd still do alsorts :p

peggymax 1994 days ago

oh no way man dunkin donuts doesn't have anything on krispy cream donuts yum yum
peggy austin tx

ItaloSuave 2000 days ago

Green Mountain Coffee from Vermont is good. Coffee Connection Boston was great. Peet's Coffee too!

_4e20_ 2002 days ago

shredder203 2009 days ago

I heard that Charlie Sheen is the new Rick Roll! Can't wait for the SF show!

BELLOSSITA 2010 days ago

me encanta two and a half men por charlie es muy buen actor !

Aygygijjkkp 2010 days ago

Go to hell the enemy of the Libyan people! )))!!!!!

ExtraPile 2013 days ago

Charlie's #WINNING recipes ( unemployed diet ? )

mahssinha 2015 days ago

do you marry me?

Debbie2011 2016 days ago

Charlie did you consider WINNING on mousepads and w/your photo plus on wireless mouse. LOL Deb:)

Debbie2011 2016 days ago

Charlie did hoping you get my emails on FB coming to Stabler Arena close to me. I would go! Deb

HarlequinDebois 2016 days ago


Deeeepimpact 2017 days ago

Umm nutting... literally nutting all over ur beautiful godesses faces... :} debate me.. Just dont master me while u do it!

matjaclukfr 2017 days ago

In the name ov all that is evil I am going2kick you right directly in th :( URout

sunshinedebbie1 2017 days ago

You're the best Charlie and love you so much :)

HarlequinDebois 2018 days ago

HarlequinDebois 2018 days ago