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Carpal Tunnel, here I come!

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1993 days ago

Carpal Tunnel, here I come!


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alexlifepink 1977 days ago

It is very welcome, the beautiful effort :-)) Thank you too charming :-))

Cherish4 1993 days ago

Sometimes sacrifices have to be made for the greater good of fandom! LOL

AUNTIE_SHAN 1993 days ago

LOL! When this pic loaded & I saw the blinds Bhind U, had a MAX HEADROOM Moment! #AgingMyself! :-D

Gabbrielam72 1993 days ago

Sos muy dulce!!!!!!

Radazzle 1993 days ago

Thank you Daniel for tweeting the fans. I love #H50.

araviskenobi09 1993 days ago

thanks for the sacrifice though! :)

CullenGurl17 1993 days ago

Funny! But really thank you for the tweets! You are truly awesome! ;P

MEAustin30 1993 days ago

Tell McGarrett to let you borrow his arm sling! LOL

meraki85 1993 days ago

I'll rub your hands!

KtotheAtotheY 1993 days ago

LOL! And thanks again so much for doing this! You're the best. :)

Radazzle 1993 days ago

Get a spa treatment, after #H50 and tweeting are completed. You deserve it.

MrsDBrowne 1993 days ago

lmbo! YESS!

Bontyful 1993 days ago

See what that 140 character limit can do to you.

ravenkismet 1993 days ago

We appreciate your dedication!

Catlover2015 1993 days ago

BWUAHAHHAA!!!!!! too cute!!

Luvasiagal 1993 days ago

You need a major hand massage. LOL