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You make a better window than a door.

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1385 days ago

You make a better window than a door.


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heartearth 1378 days ago

every target i've gone too, it says the says the same on every single door LOOOL #dumbasses LOL

Lambertfan1977 1379 days ago

Is it enter or an exit?? lol.. so confusing.ha ha someone messed this up!

funkymelons 1382 days ago

I'd luv 2 instal a video camera rite in da corner of da door and watch ppl smack in2 each other! haha :D

JaySharky 1383 days ago

Its going to be one of those days when you don't get anywhere when you see this...

Vanesssa_M_ 1383 days ago

haha gotta love Target

Teeorme 1383 days ago

Confusing !!! Do I enter or not enter ? +__+ Haaa !!

JDJustason 1383 days ago

The response is clearer than this sign: "FAIL"

Hannah7712 1383 days ago

Is it wrong that I don't get it?

CeeEl24 1384 days ago

seems like someone can't read.

ColleenMNW 1384 days ago

I wonder how many thousands of people have passed through these dorrs and never noticed...

anna135n 1384 days ago

LOOOOOOOOL! Classic stupidity :) luv it!

SelmaSingle 1384 days ago

hahahahahahahaha......this is funny!

MadelineFan 1384 days ago

the stores are open to everyone for business.

buddyobe 1384 days ago

Don't know if you're coming or going

dmbWenc 1384 days ago


miamieuniversit 1385 days ago

Do I not enter, or do enter only? Conflicting m,essage!

fairytale30 1385 days ago

Haha that's priceless!

kldbrook 1385 days ago

Target's signature!!!!!!

pipe_gz_rubio 1385 days ago


dks7608 1385 days ago

Got love Target!!