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Grandpa's closet or cutting edge of style?

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2583 days ago

Grandpa's closet or cutting edge of style?


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Brooke_Baldwin 2582 days ago


Biancks 2582 days ago

Dude they'd be slammin if they didn't have the bow on them. So I would say Grampa old school

Ldybwlr 2582 days ago

Luv them & luv the cords too!!! Cutting edge of style if u ask me! Lots better than some things I've seen you wear.

dianeroone 2582 days ago

Ummm. NO. Looks like combo of loafers, slip-ons and boat shoes,

ambyrlane 2583 days ago

hot, love the cords

annakipps 2583 days ago

A bit dated looking.. but a sexy philosophical baseball player could pull them off.

krystlezombie 2583 days ago

ima say FAiL on this one buddy..

KendraMiki 2583 days ago

maybe grandpa's closet is the new cutting edge of style?? or maybe not :/ the bow IS a little much

cathyg675 2583 days ago

You do love your corduroy, don't you? :] I'm not too sure how I deel about these. With some jeans and a nice sweater, you could pull it off. Otherwise, not feeling them. But when have you ever gone with the cutting edge of style? ;]

Mimiseiku 2583 days ago

i kinda love the shoes.
but the pants.....not so much.

Theejackiechans 2583 days ago

Be in those Friday on the rubber and you'll really be able to snap that curve ball...

plummzilla 2583 days ago

I have to vote grandpa's closet :(
BTW, is your foot on a pillow? Very Cinderella!

hpyldy22 2583 days ago

I think that they look classy. They are not close to being from grandpa's closet. I bet you are wearing a sweater vest and long sleeve shirt with this outfit. Keep on rockin' Z you are awesome. Jessi

NatalieMoreno26 2583 days ago

i guess that depends on how you use it in your style. But that is a little old fashioned lol..

SwimBikeRunDude 2583 days ago

I'll never be able to get an erection for the rest of my life.

Hill_30 2583 days ago

I like them. They look sort of vintage but I've seen them in stores like Dillards & Macy's.

magnolicious 2583 days ago

Remember, men's shoes speak to women and women judge. These shoes are saying "Meet me in the Castro for Gay Gramps Night at Moby Dick! BYOViagra."

margaretsgaddy 2583 days ago

I would go without the socks if you're trying to be casual. At least that's what guys are doing in the South these days, prob not the same in CA.

passeos 2583 days ago

No support. Bad for your back.

BHarsh 2583 days ago

I think you'll be looking a little light in the loafers, Bro... Where did you get those? Castro dist Garage sale?