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Seriously, Daily Star Sunday? Picked this up on the tube home yesterday. Joe Mott is a c*nt. #wordsfail

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1387 days ago

Seriously, Daily Star Sunday? Picked this up on the tube home yesterday. Joe Mott is a c*nt. #wordsfail


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Niax14 1373 days ago

He thinks he's original by implying Ricky has AIDs. Ricky made the very same joke AGES before this prick on the Alan Carr show

wearetristan 1378 days ago

I wonder what the foreign press would say if Gervais said this at the Globes about someone?

ShocksOfMighty 1385 days ago

Obviously this is in very bad taste and he is a knob, but you do have to admit this is exactly the kind of humour RG uses himself so... whaddayagonnado?

socinematic 1385 days ago

jesus christ

nspires1 1386 days ago

Overweight he’s a "gluttonous-slob" Now he's lost weight & buffed out he's a "homosexual-w-aids?" Got it

MrC_J_M 1386 days ago

Charlie Brooker: "That a prick this immense could actually exist in our universe is utterly inconceivable - yet Mott, clearly the most brilliant parodist of our age, almost has you believing it's true." Ace

wordsmoker 1386 days ago

I wrote about this c*nt at some length here - http://wordsmoker.com/?p=40458

abbzter123 1386 days ago

That Joe dude is a dick head !!! >:-( what the he'll made him think that was funny

leestanleybhm 1387 days ago


fross2 1387 days ago

http://www.pcc.org.uk/complaints/form.html Complain on this website.

Scott1984_FP 1387 days ago

Why Can't They Just Say He Looks Ill, Rather Saying Only Gays Can Look That Ill :/ #DailyStar

Dom_Ellis 1387 days ago

The editors (and clearly the writer) seem to have no moral censors...jeeez

ithinktoomuch89 1387 days ago

Please do, it was entirely sarcastic!

MatofKilburnia 1387 days ago

I'm going to take that as a joke bit of sexism to counter homophobia. nice

HeccyBen 1387 days ago

This is frankly sickening that a national newspaper can print this bile.

ithinktoomuch89 1387 days ago

Oh, did you guys not realise that only gay people catch AIDs, and pretty much all gay men have it?

firgo20 1387 days ago

By the sound of it, this chick who wrote that (you can tell is a girl) got no respect to a homosexual with Aids

firgo20 1387 days ago

That's unbelievable, how can a news written do such joke?

sexidance 1387 days ago

i love AIDS jokes... pussyhurt faggots are so pussyhurt!