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Here is one of George Takei's messed up feet. Both of his feet look the same

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1768 days ago

Here is one of George Takei's messed up feet. Both of his feet look the same


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Nerro_Azzuro 1753 days ago

oh no no....Jesus H!

EvaSpeaks 1766 days ago

Oh my!

otpolo 1767 days ago

Tore up!

RetinalFetish 1767 days ago

Brad must really be in love huh?

Leenienj1 1767 days ago

That definitely looks like foot binding, look how his toes curl back on themselves. Poor George!

MelissaScarfone 1767 days ago

Looks like a combination of hammer & claw toe & a MAJOR bunion - those issues can be surgically treated

SteffyHull 1767 days ago

Yeah, that's obviously from a long progression of wearing small shoes, not just once.

damonmorrell 1767 days ago

Dum da-da-dumm da-dum da-dum Stop! Its hammer toe!

SuperfanAnn 1768 days ago

He should definitely stop weaing heels.

Barb_Kacenia 1768 days ago

Wow- that is a mess! How does he walk on those?

clg431 1768 days ago

He could hitchhike with that thing

kgfloyd 1768 days ago

I can see where running could do this... if he could run about 60 mph, maybe.

brad605 1768 days ago

A carpenter could use his foot to cut right angles:)

CoryChaseXXX 1768 days ago

There are surgeries that can fix that.

suhruh 1768 days ago

Wow - I feel so bad for him!

andzmomaz 1768 days ago

My God that looks painful. Poor George! Shoes must be so painful for him!

AJ17044 1768 days ago

No wonder Brad only does him on Sundays. Yikes!

bruel17 1768 days ago

I'm club fuckin footed you moron!

ashtonmorris 1768 days ago

Are you sure he's Japanese, because that looks like the work of Chinese foot binding;)

preemiememe 1768 days ago

oh gd that has to hurt!!