Charlie Sheen


Actor, Producer, Winner ... Anger Management Premieres June 28th, 9pm on FX

I'm ready for you Radio City!!
I'm coming in HOT..!
On your feet..!!

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1965 days ago

I'm ready for you Radio City!!
I'm coming in HOT..!
On your feet..!!


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NicolasArths 1803 days ago

translating the commentary of : Yo Are Smash!!!
The Man!!! I belive this is realllllllly

vaniMAGpudding 1839 days ago

can i have an shirt too ??

eugenionunes 1839 days ago

Eh o Cara..

TLinkRodorigesu 1843 days ago

Ok! Very good!

BBPatok 1867 days ago

charlie is and will be ever the best

_ToyCrooked 1896 days ago

John Lennon é raça !

Helizza 1916 days ago


mohox13 1916 days ago

loves me some :)

JohnAGuthrie 1937 days ago

a greaser and a loser. how entertaining

Jose0922Joseph 1944 days ago

hahhaha sheenius!! ""!!always with your shirts charlie!! i want a shirt

raphael_andrad 1959 days ago

Sheenius? hahaha very good!
i want a shirt these!

blanches 1961 days ago

whos the cutie in the red?..x

HarlequinDebois 1961 days ago


feeeeferraz 1961 days ago

ai ai ai :x

HarlequinDebois 1962 days ago

drinktilimsick 1963 days ago

gosh, I loved Simon's shirt!

DamirTankovic 1963 days ago

Sheenius - what a word - Charlie the Genius - - host Ur image online 4 FREE

Aygygijjkkp 1963 days ago

When Amanda's mother died, she bought herself a new mother, and to arrange a holiday to forget his old mother! Amanda relates to people and animals as things, she has no soul, it does not like anybody!

FIAT_Sonho_Blue 1964 days ago

Wonderful hands...