Grant Imahara


Robot builder, modelmaker and television host on Mythbusters.

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No worries. Got a ride back to town. #Vegas #57BelAir

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1241 days ago

No worries. Got a ride back to town. #Vegas #57BelAir


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MarianoBryant 1240 days ago


LIZZARD515 1241 days ago

Is Geoff driving?!?!? Or is Craig driving????

emmaAmethyst 1241 days ago

Techgeekery coolness at its best! One question: Is Geoff driving??

kathy_kitt 1241 days ago

Was it snowing because it was freaking cold out here today!!

SexyCraigFerg 1241 days ago

Stylin'! Great photo! Sweet ride!!! #Vegas

weezmgk 1241 days ago

Don't stop there, Grant. It's bat country.

red_xenon 1241 days ago

This is a damn good photo

prbowman 1241 days ago

What? No geo-tag in the photo? I wanted to see if you went to the Chicken Ranch here in Pahrump.

LimeTwyst 1241 days ago

Epic cool moment

TheMalteseBippy 1241 days ago

Push, Nevada

srv1959 1241 days ago

Enjoy. It's beautiful.

UltimateWraith 1241 days ago

Nice could you get a picture of the enitire car later?

HoboRobot 1241 days ago

don't tell me? They all stayed in Vegas for Geoff's sex party? LOL

grantburke10 1241 days ago


LesFromTranna 1241 days ago

Very cool car!

suzy867 1241 days ago

Amazing photo!!!

PoisonedAl 1241 days ago

Cruising off into bat country..

darkfetisha 1241 days ago

Wow. Nice photo! Love the view! Must have been beautiful! =]

DJHawthorn 1241 days ago