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FOUND! cutest Easter bunnies ever!

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1850 days ago

FOUND! cutest Easter bunnies ever!


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FellipeJones 1843 days ago

they are cute in a Tim Burton kind of way [+1]

casebot161 1848 days ago

they are cute in a Tim Burton kind of way

tricdorki 1849 days ago

haha very nice

rafaaprestes 1849 days ago

HAHAH, they're cute and very crazy! Made me laugh!

blackwingangels 1849 days ago

That bunny looks like its on crack ! Lol

MuttLewis 1850 days ago

Marriage makes people go crazy...Just look at that poor girls face :(

Friday94 1850 days ago

Are those chocolate? Yumm :3

baptistepiriou 1850 days ago

Yeah! It's white chocolate! Soooo good !

LobsterJustin 1850 days ago

awww, awesome

anthonydannyv 1850 days ago

OMG really cute! But I prefer dark chocolate haha.

joymaus 1850 days ago

the bunnys are squint, lol , but certainly they well taste .... ;-)

MsBenitaU 1850 days ago

as my 10yr daughter wld say. O.M.G. She'd fall in love w/this & then make me find & buy it! LOL

nnnnnnssssnnnol 1850 days ago

I think it's great that he could look past her obvious retardation & love her for what's inside..

AnteBegonja 1850 days ago

At first and I thought it was one huge mutant bunny, but then I realized they are normal-ish.

ChristianSaad 1850 days ago

super cute, excpet the googley eyes haha