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hey! i have an idea!!! lets talk(:

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2024 days ago


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JB_brilly 1958 days ago

so cute...... <3

KU_chowgal 1958 days ago

Awwww!!!! He's gorgeous!! I LOVE chows! <3 Sadly, I just lost my chow girl, Tippsy, to cancer in April.. :(

Talk_Aliza 1960 days ago

so cute!!!

Indy_Miss_Music 1960 days ago

Awness Lauren your dog looks to hugable kinda like a teddy haha, way cute what breed is it?

Raisa_Mahjabin 1961 days ago

Aww shoo shweeeeeeeeet! I wanna give it a hug right noww!

HaleyEliizabeth 1976 days ago

Oh my goodness!

LaurenAClub 2016 days ago

AWWW how cute <33

BethaniBeliebs 2017 days ago

That's one sexy puppy! ;)

angeloGuirgio 2022 days ago

cute puppy..;)

JMK3 2023 days ago

hahaha! thats awesome! is that real? it looks stuffed~

rainonmyface 2023 days ago

mmm. yummy.

ready2flykelley 2023 days ago

aawwww how adorable !! He's a Chow puppy!! They are so sweet !

Jenny_was_here 2023 days ago

omg I want it!!!

LettieHepburn 2023 days ago

Gosh, I miss my Nanni. She was just like that, only black. <3

darlingdede 2023 days ago

Oh my gosh, SO ADORABLE!!!! <33

idontknow081589 2023 days ago

I say: OMG this dog is so cute! My five yr old bro says: do u have a boyfriend so i can go out w/u?

itsSlidoo 2023 days ago

OMG that thing is cute!

MarshallFamily4 2023 days ago

Almost as cute as my fuzzy babies! Yeah chow chows!

izumi_Crisis 2023 days ago


calathea2010 2024 days ago

lol... too much static on the rug?