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News flash: Harry has left 1D and is now a vision mixer on tour #truefacts

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2066 days ago

News flash: Harry has left 1D and is now a vision mixer on tour #truefacts


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cahlyra 1971 days ago

concentration! good job harry hahaha

my_sexy_styles 2037 days ago

is there anything you cannot do?

xsparklingangel 2042 days ago


lov1Directionx 2044 days ago

ha xxx

Sophiaamoroso 2053 days ago


alexanchez 2059 days ago

aww hazza :)

Chloe_1D_xx 2065 days ago

awww :') he looks like hes concentrating alot!! bless xx <3

Love_LouisT_1D 2065 days ago

nawwhh harry(': you're the cutest vision mixer i have ever seen, the smartest dressed too(; xxxx<3

StylatorsUK 2065 days ago

:L. bless him!

Harry_JackWills 2065 days ago

LOL bless!

OD_TheMusic 2065 days ago

Bless him. He looks gorgeous <33

Chessie28luvs1D 2065 days ago

Haha xxxx

my_sexy_styles 2066 days ago

i knew it!! when i ever i see him he a lways mixes my vision!!

chloemorley_xo 2066 days ago

awwwwwwwww! xxx

XXJORDYNXXx 2066 days ago

mmmm harry <3

hayleykilner 2066 days ago

is that a bold man i see in the bottom left corner? -slaps- btw looking gorgeous

PayneNavy 2066 days ago

bless. i love harry so much. <3

_mynameisabbie 2066 days ago

oh the concentration :P

ZaynsDork 2066 days ago

Lu_Cee_Wuh 2066 days ago

The awkward moment when he puts pictures of the boys skinny dipping up during rebeccas performance