Zachary Levi


And I thought they smelled bad...on the outside.

And maybe other people *cough* @denzelwashington *cough* couldn't be more excited.

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1970 days ago

And maybe other people *cough* n *cough* couldn't be more excited.


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AbigailAlcoriza 1919 days ago

nice picture Zac!

extreamkiwi 1920 days ago

could you gimmie the fork&the sauce and the jacket

DanA_rus_girl 1935 days ago

Так вот ты какой на самом деле...

MsSil_ 1962 days ago


debdalheeu 1964 days ago

And I hope you haven't forgot to take off the fork and the spoon of your pockets. Could be indicted for stealing!

debdalheeu 1964 days ago

Soon it'll become a mindfuck...

Dale90r 1965 days ago

LOL something chuck would probably do

Raijian9 1967 days ago

Creative, Zac. lol

kellers80 1968 days ago

It's the only way to really celebrate breakfast...

damnielle01 1968 days ago

LOL! that just made my it made my midnight

LysnK2 1968 days ago

Zac, you are not food! Get those condiments off your face!

steph_joy714 1969 days ago

Haha AWESOME, love the goofy disguise, but I can still tell that it's you!!! :-)

nerdlienofsteel 1969 days ago

The condiment walrus.

artsycade 1969 days ago

I love this pic! its sooo funny rofl!!!

CeciBopha 1969 days ago

hmmm... como no ser cuchara, para estar cerquita de tu corazon! ya se... cursi pero es lo que hay :)

kellcad 1969 days ago

that's hot

DaniellaBotwin 1970 days ago

you look nice

phoenixartstu 1970 days ago

Hmmm... looking more like a Tuscan Raider to me.

cooeyhatch 1970 days ago

loving the jam packet in the hood

4agentx_x 1970 days ago

Absolutely looooove, armed for breakfast combat!