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Haha, I think this one's better than the Calvin Klein one.

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2769 days ago

Haha, I think this one's better than the Calvin Klein one.


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jlsokh 2753 days ago

are you KIDDING me? We've got enough violence in our society without using images like this in advertising.

maxcreed 2763 days ago

Why are they so shiny? Do you have to be part amphibian to be a model?

junassicpark 2768 days ago

eh, he's just helping her with her butt lifts.

BiggusNickus 2769 days ago

They've never seen a woman before...they're just holding her down to get a better look.

PATTYCENTRAL 2769 days ago


tmoizzle 2769 days ago

i doubt hes going to rape her...unless she has a strap on.

bols27 2769 days ago

Correction, shitless is supposed to say shirtless. Either way they are too gay to rape a woman.

bols27 2769 days ago

He is likely demonstrating on the woman what he did to the other shitless man for the other couple in the picture.

jeffb6170 2769 days ago

Maybe she took his Hotpocket...

DeltaBluesCBG 2769 days ago

For the last time woman, where is my Steisand CD!

megannwalsh 2769 days ago

This is the epidemic!

johnwilliamA 2769 days ago

Und now iz zee time on Sprockets vhen ve rape...

jrandall1980 2769 days ago

i agree with kurtzorke. im thinking maybe these guys are just trying to teach her how to vogue or something...

MrsLizzyDarcy 2769 days ago

... a drunken couple trying to get it on around their passed out drunk friends, which makes it twice as uncomfortable to look at.

mentalclay 2769 days ago

One thing for sure is all of the people in this ad need more bacon in their diet

MrsLizzyDarcy 2769 days ago

Sure they look good Alkhemist, but there's no way to tell in the picture is it's consensual, so I don't think it really can be viewed as fun. And (to oscar519's comment) I also thought the Calvin Klein one looked like just an awkward orgy, or rather a dr

kurtzorke 2769 days ago

Those men are far too gay for this to be a rape picture.

AlyzabethM 2769 days ago

Wow. Dolce & Gabassholes. I will never buy their products!

EricWilliams1 2769 days ago

Kudos to Andrew for the phrase "more rapey".

Alkhemist 2769 days ago

Am I the only woman who can admit this photo is HOT? Why can't this be viewed as " fun" if it's consensual and no one is getting hurt? Sheesh.