Grant Imahara


Robot builder, modelmaker and television host on Mythbusters.

DUDE. Donny. Osmond. #youheardme #VEGAS

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1966 days ago

DUDE. Donny. Osmond. #youheardme #VEGAS


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love4paula 1801 days ago

Awesome! Looks really real!

Fanny57 1962 days ago

One's a little bit's a little bit robot-n-roll! Both very handsome in blue!

ChelseyRainbow 1963 days ago

cool! Donny. looking good.

Markho23 1965 days ago

Donny is a wax figure right?

Diane4mail 1965 days ago

Are you guys in a "milk" bar? I'll take a double!

Bilbowar 1966 days ago

Wow, this is awesome, my two favorite people in the same pic!

RSJoeDouglas 1966 days ago

Donny Osmond has a baby hand!!!!!!!!!!!

Kate_moves 1966 days ago

DUDE! Awesome sauce!

TheMalteseBippy 1966 days ago


Jellyyman 1966 days ago

DUDE, yes it is.....

HoboRobot 1966 days ago

Donny is so lifelike - I had no idea there was a Vegas Wax Museum! Or did Grant make him?

Vaudeville100 1966 days ago

I LU-HU-HU-V DONNY! (just watched a D&M classic when he got thrown by his bros. into a giant pie)

algonacchick 1966 days ago

I must say, Grant, you out-style Mr. Osmond. Imahara. Grant Imahara. Sweet photo!

odog1999 1966 days ago

Now all you need is to complete the geekiness picture

WesHauptman 1966 days ago

Hover Hand!

normaapril 1966 days ago

Nice picture.Where is Marie?

ZachsMind 1966 days ago

This appeals both to my inner child & my inner geek. Donny Osmond is who I wanted to be when I grew up forty years ago. Grant Imahara is who I want to be when I grow up now.

BrowncoatRick 1966 days ago

You need to have your name legally changed to Grant B. Stylin'

andyinsdca 1966 days ago

Wait....Grant is wearing...A SUIT?!?!?!?

Dan_Gross 1966 days ago

Wow, has some serious connections to arrange that! :)