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How to make ugly stitches on my nose fun? Solution: obnoxious neon green bandaid. #WearSunscreen

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1849 days ago

How to make ugly stitches on my nose fun? Solution: obnoxious neon green bandaid. #WearSunscreen


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billb62 1831 days ago

I think you look great in Neon! When you are not on air, you are notably missed.

marquee_man 1846 days ago

Greetings from the Rocket City, Brooke.Hope you're feeling better..U r missed!-Jeff

eddiedman 1848 days ago

i hope you get well soon we need our brooke back.

susansfan 1848 days ago

Looking FAB in neon :-)

soupy35 1849 days ago

looks like a good hockey wound!!

ThexKShow 1849 days ago

If anyone asks, tell 'em you finally broke it off with Chris Brown.

ricksmuse 1849 days ago

Heal soon. We all need our 2 hour fix of BB each day.

Fleetwood8 1849 days ago

At least you didn't end up with black eyes. Get better quick!

Macros27 1849 days ago

Looking your usual gorgeousness ! Wishing you a speedy recovery !!

jdr1965 1849 days ago

You're still gorgeous! But should've got Sponge-Bob!!

medicmike94 1849 days ago

You need a Snoopy bandage :-) Get well soon

lionkoj 1849 days ago

Some time clouds pass but in the end the sun have to shine.

Axeshredder 1849 days ago

WTG Brooke...hope you have a fast

ItsDonAllen 1849 days ago

I know this is tacky, but having a little band-aid on your nose like that looks absolutely adorable.

BillSeamans 1849 days ago

Brooke,well done,a smile will come soon ! cheers ! :o)

swiyper 1849 days ago

Brooke, Even if that nose is gone you are still the hottest red head to this date. Get well soon.

TheN9TOWLS 1849 days ago

Sorry 2 hear that I was wondering what had happened 2 U ! Get Better real soon it's not that I don't like ur replacement free songs 2 download and one is dedicated to you ! Get well SOOON Blessings !

veritaz 1849 days ago

will U B beyootiful again 4 wedding?