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A tease of tonight's #SOCOM 4 Beta patch and the new camera tweak -

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1549 days ago

A tease of tonight's #SOCOM 4 Beta patch and the new camera tweak -


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chris_8806 1548 days ago

if I put my back to a wall the camera zooms behind my head letting me see more naturally. but when I start to run it stays stuck on the back on my head for a few good seconds. limiting my vision, very annoying!!!! other then that I'm in love with s4

chris_8806 1548 days ago

zipper!! updated 1.02. the camera stays in close after moving in tight spaces. needs to zoom out more quickly!! please fix!!!!

QuietDog216 1548 days ago

er, pff, I meant FPS.

QuietDog216 1548 days ago

much better. I can see above me now. Was almost like a TPS before. Thanks!

Partnur 1548 days ago

Nice! Now plz increase walking/turn speeds. And have pubs w/ ff off & vtk off plz.

Buchi1324 1548 days ago

you moved it like an inch. but still not sure its far enough ill know when i play after work

mXmGaming 1548 days ago

An improvement for sure, but this game still isn't what SOCOM really was and should always be :(

oSwMeOeKdEo 1548 days ago

Why can't you just zoom out to see whole character. #head2toe

theramsfan39 1548 days ago

Looks hella better but comon zipper you legit removed everything else that makes socom... socom

PensacolaRebel 1548 days ago

Looks better. Now only if we could get lean in classic mode. No Sony TV?

DevilsDomain 1548 days ago

Looks more like SOCOM, let's hope it feels more like SOCOM. Zipper you have to increase the strafe speed, it's killing me, its slow and boring.

Wallynetoo 1548 days ago

Why does people whine sooo much?? Socom 4 is best third person shooter ever made..... Thanks

PinskyYang 1549 days ago


SnotRockets 1549 days ago

Now all that needs to be done is add, insted of Spec Ops and Insergents, SEALs and MERCINARIES!

swoodbury1963 1549 days ago

It's not centered. Does the camera still pull in to favor the right sholder ala OTS-ish...I hope not.

swoodbury1963 1549 days ago

reticule seems very close to the head...wondering if it should be a lil bit higher.

JasonByDesign 1549 days ago

I like this camera view I think its perfect. Too far back and you dont get to see the awesome details of the characters. I'm also loving the fireld of vision. The old camera way to restrictive.

Ezpeaz 1549 days ago

Oh, I was expecting it to be a little farther back. You still can't see his legs.

xfactor0693 1549 days ago

So much just to fix the turn speed/acceleration/dead-zone

KillerStefan 1549 days ago

Looks a lot better indeed.
Never played Socom until today and I find it quite enjoyable.
PS3 needs more tactical games like this, I haven't hear any 13 year old screaming or singing Justin Bieber songs.
Thank you good sirs!