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I'm just this guy, you know?

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1971 days ago


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Tanstaafl77043 1941 days ago

built a mercury / helium laser that emitted in that portion of the spectrum.....

dreaminvirtual 1969 days ago

i actually have this s-toy too - what are you trying to tell us?

TuesdayMcButter 1971 days ago

I dunno but my sword is glowing blue, is that bad?

Damocles_74 1971 days ago

Does it have a red shiny candy-like button?

Wrenwrangler 1971 days ago

I'm thinking it's a positive-column discharge lamp of argon gas in a green fluorescent coated sealed tube

uforiq9 1971 days ago

Holy cow! You're harnessing the power of Kryptonite???

karohemd 1971 days ago

That, whatever it is, is awesome!

StrollThruDream 1971 days ago

Remember the episode with "Green Flying Troi?" Was this used as her backlight? "One moon circles...."

adevland 1971 days ago

I say it's a doohickey. Or perhaps a thingamajig. Depends on the angle...

HeyRed 1971 days ago

That's the weirdest History Eraser Button I've ever seen. It's not even Candy Red!

stevenkeithtait 1971 days ago

"What is it?" <in Scottish brogue> "It's, it's green."

bekahb101 1971 days ago


PlasteredJedi 1971 days ago

Laser guided, magnatronic automatic pool cleaner

UnfilteredMouth 1971 days ago

I'm going with an overzealous TSA employee scanning device. With mint frosting.

Trip_Breaker 1971 days ago

Wesley's nanite experiment? Don't let those f-er's loose again!!

awolfman 1971 days ago

A photonic confabulator manifold?

TuesdayMcButter 1971 days ago

soylent green?

robschraer 1971 days ago

Various atoms and molecules

Darmicbr 1971 days ago

Photon Torpedo away!

bamazeen 1971 days ago

PUSH IT Stimpy!!