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Guess who came to dinner? Lenny

With @kidrock in New Orleans ... 

Photo: @candyTman

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2024 days ago

Guess who came to dinner? Lenny

With in New Orleans ...



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mrslaughalot 1885 days ago

He who is fixed to a star does not change his mind. Leonardo da Vinci #Gee

amayha 1998 days ago

that had to be a fun dinner with kidrock around spells fun

KNRMJJ 2008 days ago


yeldakn 2012 days ago

Wowwww :)

MariRodriguez25 2012 days ago

Hey Lenny, download a pic! :) shalom aleichem

PavlovaReyes 2012 days ago

xD ♥ :)

lethal25 2013 days ago

Wow! Lookin' hot, y'all.........

Sternsinger 2016 days ago

poor lamb-or what is that- a chunk of boar?

MariRodriguez25 2018 days ago

shalom aleichem, some news of you? some new photo of you?

buttrflyspyonlk 2019 days ago

...and Lenny looks like he's feelin a little too 'groovy' w/the wine...=D...Wine and beer..a matter of 'class.' Kisses Lenny! : *

MariRodriguez25 2019 days ago

shalom, some photo more than you?

BigdanyC 2021 days ago

HI ! What's the matter on this table ? Lol !! I hope meet you to change the world whith big sound & spiritual lyrics. : I would like to invite you on my next album. the world needs you. The planet is suffering and crying save me

buttrflyspyonlk 2021 days ago

Kid Rock is handsome, but Lenny doesn't look too amused w/KR's joking knife gesture...lol!

ellizaana 2023 days ago

que fome!!

miamimyAmy2011 2024 days ago

uhmm...did ol' girl just say that Kid Rock looked cryptic &/or funny? it must be the 'beer' she/he was drinkin'! much love Robert Ritchie & Mr. Lenny ! xoxoxoxoxo

anndria77 2024 days ago

Two great musicians, but I am a Lenny fan. Looks delicious. Love ya, Lenny-lovey dove.

Balzgal 2024 days ago

Scrumptious-Totally Yummy! =)

gazbamping 2024 days ago

nice photo kid looks wored

Califlily 2024 days ago

is one of the last mavericks of independent thought. I don't always agree with him but at least he's got something going on upstairs.

elsdooghe 2024 days ago

love the knives :-)