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I’m pretty sure they don’t sell self-esteem.

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1874 days ago

I’m pretty sure they don’t sell self-esteem.


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echewski 1862 days ago

makes me wonder what kind of business do they offer there.. lol

RoxyGirl8858 1869 days ago

wow thats sad and funny

Tarynluvsturtle 1872 days ago

It took me awhile to get this aha .. pree funny

1DDailyPH 1873 days ago

LoL... Is they psycho it's also too upset to understand,, yea LoL xD

asjr999 1873 days ago

hahaha thats too funny!!! I've never seen a sign that said that before. Its always sorry were closed.

mswaichingliu81 1873 days ago

hope they're not getting someone killed

DanielRediger 1874 days ago

Hah nice! Ellen BeGenerous Please! :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6meNKSd78M

AnitaMcCants 1874 days ago

Their closed sign says-» Yay!! We're CLOSED (ˆ◡ˆ)

htraenoecaep 1874 days ago

No, they're selling the idea of this place shouldn't exist due to waste in the world. Good concept, really. Of course, it may be a typo.

longrideh2o1 1874 days ago

That's funny love you ellen

pookey46 1874 days ago

That is sooo funny.love you and youe show!

mrvalsonz 1874 days ago

Thats cool btw. LOL

shorouk93 1874 days ago

lol yeah me 2,I wonder wat their closed sign says :/

sweetvixenellie 1874 days ago

I wonder what their closed sign says.

authorsandrews 1874 days ago

I do sell self esteem through my newly published book "A Fall to New Heights." It's about love, identity and learning to fly again.

RRC7582 1874 days ago

That's crazy...

FulviaChristine 1874 days ago


kimxxschez 1874 days ago

haha. I thought of this when I was a kid :))

green221 1874 days ago

this definitely seems to be a dentist;)

bumblemel08 1874 days ago

Sorry we're open call in we're closed, the get up of the place i'd be apologising for being open to