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CNN Senior International Correspondent

More pix from our interview today with #EmanAlObeidy

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2145 days ago

More pix from our interview today with #EmanAlObeidy


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patlynn 2145 days ago

Eman, you're a beautiful, strong woman and you will get thru this! You are a hero to all women!

LIBTRIP 2145 days ago

We Libyan thank #CNN for their great efforts in their support for our noble cause for #Libya

LIBTRIP 2145 days ago

Eman, no matter what #Gaddafi gangs say about you, we know for sure that you are a heroine

Oterhaug 2145 days ago

You are a real hero, Eman! A person like you will take Libya far! The animals who offended you should be/ will be punished in a free Libya! Be brave!

katsndogs 2145 days ago

We need supporters of Eman to plz come & join our new page; want 2 send support to eman & famly

katsndogs 2145 days ago

Eman's FB page, FreeImanal-obeidi, disappeared today with with almost 10k followers.

amaocasio1 2145 days ago

Why is this poor lady not under some kind of protection! I am so upset that this is going on and no one does anything. Some one needs to protect her already she needs help!

titokimmy 2145 days ago

I cannot thank you enough Nic for the good you do in this world, you are one in a million

titokimmy 2145 days ago

Iman my sister you are my hero!! Im so sorry for all you have been subjected to by evil doers of Gadaffi regime. Something tell me though that there will be a very bright light for you at the end of the tunnell pretty girl. What youve had to endure sis

AlMingar 2145 days ago

You are a hero Eman! We will all be free soon. God bless you.

Abby1956 2145 days ago

Eman ,salam!May Allah bestows upon u more courage to continue your noble fight.Thanx Nick & Anderson

SunLOVEit 2145 days ago

we can we find the other pictures..!

SunLOVEit 2145 days ago

#Females used as a strong weapon against the enemy and kids remain with the longest and lasting memories"

SunLOVEit 2145 days ago

OmG. She is beautiful. I love her straight. Awsome work americans.

wislam2010 2145 days ago

We love you Eman stay strong!!! Thanks Nic and Anderson!! you rock!!!

ariaarari 2145 days ago

Thx Nic for showing us that she's safe. She's courageous and a hero to all the women including the Afghan women.

SophalMiracle 2145 days ago

Eman, you've a suppose 2speak out 4 de Speechless! You're de Daughter o/Libya,you've a Voice!

AidaLibya 2145 days ago

Thanks nic!!!!!!

HerrEsharif 2145 days ago

when we can watch the interview , eman glad u r safe , thanx nic ,